Snow Removal

Winter is a favorite time of year for holiday cheer and merriment. However with seasonal weather changes comes snowfall, making travel difficult when roads are closed and pathways turn hazardous. Shoveling snow can be back breaking, especially in the morning when you are trying to reach your car to get to work.

Marnell Lawn Service offers extensive snow removal to help you and your family maintain productivity during the cold winter months. We offer tried and true equipment to keep your home safe and functional during the brisk winter changes.

Our snow removal services include:

  • Snow plowing
  • De-icing
  • Roof raking
  • Winter services
  • And more

Enjoy the season without the constant worry of snow removal and let Marnell Lawn Service worry for you. Are you looking for efficient and detailed snow removal that you don’t have to fret in Canyon and Amarillo, TX., contact Marnell Lawn Service at 806-200-3382 today.