About Us

My name is Jayton Marnell and I am the owner of Marnell Lawn Service. I have over seven years of experience in the lawn care industry, with 2017 being my fourth year in the Amarillo/Canyon area. My brother and business partner, Brayden Marnell, has also been working along with me, and you can reach him at (806) 231-9881Throughout the years, we have developed a strong efficiency in our work and, through trial and error, have figured out what equipment works the best. We have expanded tremendously and are continuing to expand today.

I attend West Texas A&M University and am pursuing a degree in Agricultural Business, possibly with a minor in Landscape Architecture, or plant and soil science. It is my sole intent to pay for my own college education, and this business will provide the income needed to achieve my goal. I have created a strong business partnership with my younger brother Brayden, who is still in high school. Working together, he has also gained experience in the field, making us a solid and reliable team.

Marnell Lawn Service